The bluebirds are back!

Daddy and Mama Bluebird survey their new domain.

The other day, my son Matthew woke up not feeling well, and complained that his throat was hoarse and swollen.  As I glanced at his nearby iPad, I wondered briefly if he was just overtired, and felt the tug of guilt.  Was he not getting enough rest because I was letting him use his electronics too much? Was he up late on his iPad?  Did he just not feel like going to school today?

But sometimes I need to just believe him. So, I did,  And, in fact, when he woke up later, I could tell he was genuinely quite sick. However, by mid-afternoon, he was feeling better, and happened to be standing in my office with me when we noticed the bluebirds flying around the nest box.

“Mom!’ he said.  “We have to set up the camera in the nest box!”  Forgetting he was not well, he wanted to go out immediately and hook up the wires.  I know from experience that if my kids want to do something with me, especially in the garden, I better hop to it pronto! So I said, “Yes.”

Blue back, red breast, on the alert.

We looked around for the power cord after setting everything up, but it could not be found.  Impatient to know what to do, Matthew called the bird place himself, and found out that I could pick up a power cord the next day. “Mom, you gotta make sure you go tomorrow!” he stressed.  “It’s free, too!” he assured me.

But the next day he was still sick, so he asked if we could go together to get the cord.  He took the lead, going into the store first and talking to the guy.  By the time I followed, he had already gotten what we needed. “He’s a very mature young man,” said the store owner, smiling at me.

Of course, we fixed up the power cord at home, fussed with the focus, and finally, voila!  There was the mama bluebird!  She had already started building, and we could watch as she brought bits and pieces of pine straw, leaves, grass and moss inside the box to fill the nest, using her body to press and “schootch” them into place.

The mama scooches down into the nest with her belly, making a snug hollow for the eggs.

I’ve been sitting out on the front bench most mornings since, feeding the bluebirds and watching them go in and out of the nest box.  I’ve taken photos and had little conversations with them, to make sure they are comfortable with me sitting out there.  The show has been terrific.  The other day, the male bird “saluted” me!  And I’ve had fun posting photos on instagram.


As we’ve watched on the monitor for these past few days, the nest has gotten much thicker and much softer. No light shines through the bottom anymore, and the surface looks soft and fine, not just pine straw as it was before.

And last night, on the Spring Equinox, I saw something else.  “Quick,” I called out to Matthew and Camille. “Come see!” They both came running. I’d seen something new in the nest box: two sky-blue eggs.

Sky blue.

So. Spring has sprung.  The potential of the world is captured in two eggs, a snug nest, and a full heart.  Happiness is available to us, despite the sadness in the world.  Here.  In the garden.


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3 responses to “The bluebirds are back!

  1. Nice shots! I read your original post about the bluebirds and I am glad to hear they returned a year later. Did they return this year? I have had a couple broods in our box this year. Started feeding them mealworms and they love them It’s fun to watch them dart around to get them.
    I posted a couple pictures from my house and mealworm feeder, check it out. Michael Bluebirds Eating Live Mealworms

    • Hi, Michael!
      I love your birdhouses! I must order one for myself for Christmas! Very cute.
      Yes, my bluebirds came back and fledged two broods. It was highly entertaining. I feel sad now, because even though I’ve tried putting out a few more mealworms, they are content to eat on their own, and just stop by for an occasional visit. Or, I see them flying about while I’m circling the block, walking my dog. Since I put out my house, it seems I’ve inspired at least 3 more houses around the block, with a total of 6 nest boxes on my circuit (and three sets of broods, besides mine!). Today I was listening to them twitter in the treetops as I walked around a corner. So much more entertaining than any electronic tweet!
      I’ll get back to posting more pictures…especially after I order my new house!
      Best to you.

      • Hi Jennifer,
        I am glad you had two broods. My houses are empty now too and the rarely come to the mealworm feeder. I do see them at the water fountain.
        You should enter in my Bluebird house give-away. I did a post on this last week.
        Bluebird House Give-Away

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